Rideshare Referral Invite Code

So, hi there, this is Torsten, also known as the Rideshare Professor online at rideshareprofessor.com. You will get tons of free videos and learn how to make at least 20-30% more than the average driver and this specific website that I’ve mentioned here, what many, many people don’t realize is that there is a retroactive bonus or a retroactive guarantee that you can get from Uber or Lyft even if you miss that golden opportunity. So, if you weren’t referred by another driver, let’s say and you went directly to a green light hub or to a hub and you signed up and you enrolled directly in the system or directly with Uber online or directly with Lyft online, you obviously missed that opportunity to get your retroactive referral bonus. So, this website will show you the steps on how to get that bonus retroactively. You just follow some basic steps. I think it should take under about two minutes and then you’re enrolled for that retroactive referral invite and through a code that I will provide. Any driver can provide you with that code retroactively but I make it super easy it literally takes less than two minutes and then you’re enrolled for that guarantee. So, wishing you the best of luck. If you have any further questions you’re more than welcome to reach out to me. My email and my phone number are underneath this video. Have yourself a fantastic day.

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